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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've been going to the dentist for years and have always heard that sugar is the main cause of decay. Why haven't I heard about acid being a problem?
A: I get asked this question all the time at my office. I suspect that most dentists don't know that acid is the main cause of decay. We certainly weren't taught that in dental school. I'm hoping that my book will encourage more dentists to talk about this with their patients. After all, all of us want to help our patients to prevent their dental problems from happening in the first place.

Q: How about electric toothbrushes? Are they more effective and should kids use them, too?
A: I recommend electric brushes to everyone. They are much more effective than a manual brush. Using one once in the morning and right before you go to sleep is critical for keeping your teeth clean. I personally recommend the Oral B electric brush. There are others out there, but I like the Oral B. Plus, you can get a battery operated one for just a few dollars.

Q: What kind of floss should I get?
A: There are numerous brands that are good, but you should avoid the un-waxed type of floss. It tends to shred and get caught on fillings and crowns and will only frustrate you.

Q: How can I get my kids to brush better?
A: If you come up with a foolproof method to accomplish this, contact me and we will write a bestselling book together. Seriously, how do you get anyone to do something that 's good for them? Here's what we do at my office. Younger children (up until age 9 or 10) don't have the coordination to do a good job of brushing. Be sure to get them an electric brush and brush for them once a day. Sit on the floor, have them lay their head in your lap, and look up at you. It's much easier than face-to face. You'll notice that this is how dentists work on you - upside down. Let them brush for themselves any time they want, but do it for them once a day. Depending on their maturity level, letting them brush for themselves after that is OK. But, as you know, some kids will need constant reminders and some will even need your physical presence in the bathroom to make sure they do it.