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Acid Attack

The information in this book will enable you and your family to avoid the most common, and the most expensive, dental problems. Dental problems are not inevitable, regardless of your family history and the vast majority of them are totally preventable.

One of the biggest problems in dentistry is that most dental troubles are very sneaky. By the time you find your own problem, it's often too late to do something simple to fix it. Most people think that if nothing is hurting or broken, then everything's OK. In dentistry, it's just the opposite - by the time it hurts or breaks, it's often too late.

Many of you avoid dental treatment for a very good reason - someone hurt you in a dental office. Dr. Wilcox is one of those people, too. He has had many bad experiences as a dental patient. This has made him a very gentle dentist, but a very nervous patient. His book goes to great lengths to assure those of you with this kind of dental past that you are perfectly normal. Don't let anyone tell you that your fears are irrational or childish - they are not. You are perfectly justified in feeling the way you do. But after reading his book, you will have some good reasons to seek out a gentle dentist - they are out there.

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